Our job begins with immersing ourselves in the complexity of your business. From there, we identify the challenges you need to overcome and get to work on helping you solve them.

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Marketing Research

Marketing research is used to discover consumer insights. These insights drive business decisions and marketing strategy in an organization.
We conduct marketing research studies on marketing strategy, market segmentation, product optimization, advertising testing, package optimization, new product concept testing and forecasting, website optimization, and customer experience optimization.
The firm blends qualitative research, secondary data analysis, survey-based research, econometrics, and advanced analytics (modeling, simulation, and optimization) to solve the most difficult marketing problems.

Big Data Analysis

We always try to reach reality other than assumptions. Big data is another reality of the world, and they are accompanying us to the brink of the reality.
By means of big data, we cover the critical areas of big data analytics; Data Visualization, Data Manipulation and cleaning, Statistical Analysis, Linear, nonlinear and Predictive modelling.
Our main purpose is to deliver a more realistic solution for your matters and determine the crucial patterns of your business for future prospective.

New Business Development

We give our service to success your new business concept enhancing the value, creativity and the sustainability of concept. In order to success your new business concept, we offer a wide range of services; Business model development, feasibility study, pricing and budgeting, marketing plan development and the business process improvement.
The uniqueness of our service is confidentiality, trustworthiness, creativity and discover ideal solutions for your new business concept or process improvement.

Market Research

A study undertaken to collect information about the market statistics, is known as market research. It uses to check the viability of the product in the target market. It deals with getting the information about the customer, competition and the industry in general.
We offer solutions in collecting data about the market, market competition, market trends, market demand and supply, etc.

Individual Consultancy - Education

This service provides consulting services, including study design, data analysis and interpretation, on all statistical aspects of academic research. Our clients include professional researchers and undergraduates who follows their Bachelor degree, Masters and Doctoral.

Individual Consultancy - Corporate

We help corporates in making decisions regarding the design of studies, the collection and analysis of data, and the presentation and dissemination of research findings.

Company Overview

Epsilon crest is a novel venture initiated by a Sri Lankan entrepreneur. We are carrying out operations in IT, Architectural Designs, International Trading, Leisure, Tourism, Research, e-Marketing and Logistics. Epsilon Crest Research is a subsidiary of Epsilon Crest (pvt) Ltd.

More about Epsilon Crest

Our Innovation

We don't just collect numbers and statistics. We go beyond the data to connect the dots for you, to tell a powerful story that that leads to action and impact.
“We work with you to identify your business needs and challenges, short-term and long-term. Then we craft a customized solution that addresses these needs, creating an overall roadmap to impact. Have specific needs? We've got them covered”.


To be the universal measurement of sustainable development

Core Values

Client Dedication - We go to extraordinary lengths to delight and make a difference for our clients.
Integrity - We are dedicated to being honest and straightforward in our interactions, including those times when we disagree.
Respect - We treat each other with respect and dignity.
Adventure - People at our company have a sense of adventure, which we embody as we seek to get continuously better at what we do.
Energy - We believe that our scarcest resource is our energy.

Epsilon Crest Research is committed to working with clients to identify the right solutions to their specific challenges

It is a belief that enables us to ask and probe, to subject our theories to rigorous analyses and, finally, to deliver reliable data and the most effective recommendations in the shortest time possible. Our team is committed to building an organization dedicated to a single endeavor: providing our clients with the best service, using qualitative or quantitative methods.

Epsilon Crest Research Focuses on Getting Accurate and Relevant Data

We believe that quality research starts with quality data, and the best answers come from well thought out questions. Whether we are working with internal business data or gathering primary research, we make sure that projects are of correct and sufficient scope to accurately address our clients need.

Epsilon Crest Research focuses on Applying Effective and Appropriate Methodology

We believe embracing the latest technology gives us an advantage over our competition. As the business environment changes, so must the techniques used to understand it. Therefore, we use new technology to improve traditional techniques. We approach each client's situation and optimal solution as being unique. Our focus is always on understanding the needs of our client first, then selecting the best and most efficient methodology.

Epsilon Crest Research focus on Producing Actionable Advice

Our deliverables go beyond graphs, charts and percentages. We help our clients visualize the information holistically and always offer actionable solutions. We understand that each project needs to stay relevant within a larger framework. Communication is the key, and we provide our clients with answers that are both thorough and contextual.

Our Clients

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Road Development Authority

- Preparation of project performance management system (PPMS) CP1 project - Rathmalana-Mirihana road section (B389) from (2+620) to (5+120) Km (Social Survey and Analysis)
- Preparation of project performance management system (PPMS) for CP1 project - Moratuwa-Piliyandala road section (B295) from (5+720) to (7+840) Km (Social Survey and Analysis)
- Preparation of resettlement plan for CP5 project (Southern road connectivity project) - Road section Kirulapone to Godagama (A004) from (15+380) to (20+420) Km (Social Survey, Analysis and Resettlement Budget and Report)

Road Development Authority (3rd party contract)

- An Updated EIA Report for Central Expressway Project – Secondary Data Analysis.
- Environment Impact Assessment and Resettlement Planning for proposed “Ruwanpura Expressway”, (Social Survey and Analysis)
- Initial Environment Examination (IEE) and Resettlement Planning for proposed “Southern Highway Extension towards Colombo to Battaramulla”, (Social Survey and Analysis)
- Environment Impact Assessment for proposed “Northern Expressway” (Stage 1, 2 and Ambepussa link) ,(Social Survey and Analysis)

Board of Investment (3rd party contract)

- Environment Impact Assessment for proposed “Investment Promotion Zone Sooriyawewa.” , (Social Survey and Analysis)
- Environment Impact Assessment for proposed “Export processing Zone Mirijjawilla.”, (Social Survey and Analysis)

Sri Lanka Railways (3rd party contract)

- Environment Impact Assessment for proposed “Hambanthota Seaport – Mattala Airport” Railway , (Social Survey and Analysis)

Ceylon Electricity Board (3rd party contract)

- Initial Environment Examination (IEE) study for the proposed 132kv Transmission line from Mannar to Nadukuda , (Social Survey and Analysis)
- Initial Environment Examination (IEE) study for the proposed 220kv Transmission line from Anuradhapura to Mannar via Vavuniya, (Social Survey and Analysis)

New Business Development

- Business Plan for Saloon “The Paddington Looks”, Maldives
- To introduce prefab houses for construction industry in Maldives Market by “Inoca Pvt Ltd” Maldives
- Feasibility and the Business Development Plan for “THE DOGMAN” Restaurant
- Feasibility and the Business Development Plan for “The Blitz Ceylon (Pvt.) Ltd”

Individual Consultancies (Few Significant cases from over 200 projects)

- Productivity of Garment Washing Plants in Sri Lanka: A Case Study of Brandix Finishing
- Development of a Sustainability Index for Waste Water Treatment Plants with Special Reference to Automobile Service Industry and Evaluation of a Selected Project
- Mystery-customer servey for Assetline Leasing - Determinants for Success of Small Businesses in Pannala Divisional Secretariat – Sri Lanka
- Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of E-Learning Systems in The Educational Process
- Influence of Marketing Mix on Business Performance “A Case of Small and Medium Scale Yoghurt Manufactories in Sri Lanka”
- The Failures of Samurdhi Programme as the National Poverty Reduction Programme in Sri Lanka
- Geriatric Care Evaluation and Management for Sri Lankan Elders of Unavailable Adult Children
- Relation between open innovation strategy and performance of SME sector in Colombo District Sri Lanka
- The Impact of Advertising Appeal on Doctors Prescribing Behaviour Towards OTC Products: With Special Reference in Cosmeceutical Products in Sri Lanka
- Identification of Production Process of Coconut based Products in Dasa Holdings (Pvt) Ltd
- To investigate the required skills for construction professional to handle dispute management processes within the construction industry
- Factors that caused the TATA Ace Zip (Dimo Batti) to fail in Sri Lankan Market

Published Reseaches (Few Significant Researches from over 50 Projects)

Effects of Foliar Application of Beer (ethanol) on the Growth, Flowering and Fruit Setting of Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.) Plants. Download
Research was done with collaboration of horticulture crop research and development institute, Gannoruwa,Sri Lanka.
- Abstract:
Key words: bitter gourd, beer, Flowering, Fruit setting
" Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.) is an important vegetable crop of several countries in the tropics. Beer brewing is an intricate process encompassing mixing and further elaboration of four essential raw materials, including barley malt, brewing water, hops and yeast. Foliar beer sprays resulted in significant growth stimulation in plants. The objectives of the present study were to examine the effects of beer on growth and flowering and fruit setting of bitter gourd plants. The study was conducted at an open field located in Horticultural crop Research and Development Institute, Gannoruwa (WU1). The experiment was laid out in a Randomize Complete Block Design (RCBD) with two treatments randomized in twelve replicates. The treatments were T1 – beer (8.8% Ethanol) and T2 – Control (without beer). Plants were established in pots and standard crop management practices were done throughout the study. Beer (Lion – Strong) was sprayed to the seedlings 15 days after sowing. Measurements were taken on growing, flowering and Fruit setting stages. The highest values of plant growth parameters and reproductive parameters were observed in T1, i.e. beer (ethanol 8.8%) applied treatments. On the other hand the lowest values were recorded from T2 (control of the experiment). Specially, advanced flowering and fruit setting, number of flowers per plant, number of female flowers per plant and number of fruits per plant were recorded from T1, i.e. beer (ethanol 8.8%) applied treatments. So, beer applied plants showed superior results in contrast to control with enhancing flowering as well as fruit setting performances. "

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