About Us

We are a proudly independent group of change makers, redefining the scope in which we operate by exposing it to daring innovation and limitless passion. Our products and solutions reflect our individuality, delivering value as well as an experience – the likes of which has never been seen before. Our passion for innovation coupled with our persistence in achieving nothing less than perfection, makes us excellent in what we do, setting us a world apart from the conventional business.Differentiation makes us special, giving you an exciting flavor of variety, where every one of our products is a novel experience.

Aimed at Giving you the best in software solutions, touching on concepts that have never reached the market yet, while Taking you through an array of hitherto unexplored experiences in travel and tourism, our packages redefine creativity and satisfies that inner explorer within, like never before. Designing perfection, our architectural designs and construction initiatives are targeted at not just grandeur but novelty while taking the concept of import and export to a new level, we provide you with the latest in international trade, redefining trade with our own unique zest. We do things different but we do them right, and Epsilon Crest has never backed down from a challenge, seeing through a range of ambitious and novel concepts that were branded impossible.

We dare to dream and dare to explore the unexplored, which is why your experience with us will be one of a kind - a change from normality that you will revel in.At Epsilon Crest, we are ambitious, innovative and persistent. And our product reflects our passion in building an empire based on the values of innovation, excellence, integrity and trust. with all that we do, we believe in perfection, and that is what you will experience with us.

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision - To be the business leader in the region

Our Values - Innovation, Excellence, Integrity and Trust

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